At Segue Health, we go beyond just the medical to have a holistic approach to your recovery that also includes mental and spiritual health.

How do we do that? Through our ministry department. We want to be a resource for you and our staff by addressing issues related to your spiritual health in a loving, Christ-like, and Biblical manner.


Employee Development

Our company culture follows Biblical guidelines, and, as such, we aim to provide evangelism training for each of our employees so that they are prepared to care for our patients in a Christ-like manner.

Community Outreach

Within the different communities we serve, we want to partner with local churches so that we can continue giving back to our patients even after their medical care is finished.

Community Giving

When we say we give back to the community, this is often done in a variety of ways: paid prescription medication, providing transportation, nutrition assistance, etc.


Prescription Assistance

In January 2021, we discovered that a patient in Corinth, MS, could not afford the medications that had been prescribed to her upon discharge.

After speaking with her daughter, we discovered that she was deeply concerned that her mother would have to be readmitted, or at least continue to struggle, without it.  We were able to cover the cost of the prescription, share the ministry focus of Segue with pharmacy employees, and offer hope to this patient and her family.  Her daughter expressed sincere gratitude to Segue for the care our nurse practitioner provided and the willingness to help with their need.

Nutrition Assistance

As a patient was preparing for discharge in Winter Haven, FL, our care coordinator learned that he would be going home to an empty refrigerator, with no means available to fill it.

She contacted the ministry team, and, with help from his nurse practitioner, we were able to provide this patient with enough groceries to sustain him through his most urgent days of recovery.

There was a couple in not the best situation. Their power was going to be cut off in the summer, and they had 4 daughters. She was bed bound. I called John, our ministry director we got the account number, and we put money on that account. They were just floored and said that’s what our power bill runs a month.

Regina Young, Nurse Practitioner, Mississippi

God saw fit to put me in this position so I can do His work and touch lives. We have some wonderful nurse practitioners out in the field that see patients after they go home. They not only help with the patient’s physical health, they pray with the patients that will allow them to do so. It is our mission to also do what we can to help improve the patients’ mental and spiritual health.

Cindy Potts, Nurse Practitioner, Mississippi

We'd love to know how we can be praying for you.